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My current printer setup


The BLV MGN Cube is a fully custom build with the following features:

TwoTrees Sapphire Plus

The Sapphire Plus has been converted to direct drive because i had issues with the bowden setup and wanted better filament control.

Creality CR-10S PRO

The Creality CR-10S PRO has been converted to direct drive because i had issues with the bowden setup and wanted better filament control.

Artillery Sidewinder X1

The Artillery Sidewinder X1 had been upgraded:

Artillery Genius

The Artillery Genius is kept stock. I did not perform any upgrades to it because it’s running great as it is.

Phrozen Sonic Mini

I use the Phrozen Sonic Mini for miniatures and for small detailed parts.

Creality Ender 3

For the Ender 3, i performed the following upgrades:

Hypercube Evolution

Still waiting to be assembled

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