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Creality CR-5 Pro IdeaMaker Profiles

With the Creality CR-5 Pro IdeaMaker Profiles, you can achieve superior results when printing in PLA, PETG and ABS. For more print samples, you can check the CR-5 Pro Review.

Download Creality CR-5 Pro IdeaMaker Profiles: PLA, PETG, ABS

With the following profiles, you should be able to get comparable results, but it’s important to also tune the flow rate for the filament brand you are using. All the profiles are tuned to work on the stock setup of the Creality CR-5 Pro with no modifications.

Creality CR-5 Pro PLA IdeaMaker Profile

Here’s a sample print of the print quality you can get with my tuned profile. This is the Technotiti bust, printed in Gold Silk PLA from DevilDesign.

Download the PLA profile below:

Creality CR-5 Pro IdeaMaker Profile – PLA – 3DPrintBeginner

Creality CR-5 Pro PETG IdeaMaker Profile

The PETG profile is similar to the one made for PLA, with adjusted temperatures. In some cases you will need to tune the retraction values according to your filament.

FillaFella was the test model for the PETG profile, and it was printed in Transparent Blue PETG from DevilDesign.

Download the PETG profile below:

Creality CR-5 Pro IdeaMaker Profile – PETG – 3DPrintBeginner

Creality CR-5 Pro ABS IdeaMaker Profile

Currently, the ABS profile is not tested on multiple prints because I had difficulties printing this material without completely enclosing the printer. If you enclosed your machine, feel free to download the profile and test.

Download the ABS profile below:

Creality CR-5 Pro IdeaMaker Profile – ABS – 3DPrintBeginner

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