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Siraya Tech Tenacious Resin – Improve Print Strength

I was looking for a fix for brittle resin models and stumbled upon Tenacious Resin from Siraya Tech. Since I got the Phrozen Sonic Mini, my interest in various resins increased, so I got two bottles and started to experiment.

Tenacious Resin specs and packaging

Brand NameSiraya Tech
ColorClear Yellow
Elongation at Break75%
Tensile Strength24 mPa
Shore D65
Young’s Modulus500 mPa

The Tenacious resin comes in a cardboard box with ample amounts of foam for protection. It’s packaged in 2 x 0.5L black bottles.
Markings are available on the side to show you the amount of resin left, but considering the bottles are black, this is not really useful.


Tenacious Resin Use

The Tenacious resin from Siraya Tech was designed to offer a lot of flexibility and impact resistance. Don’t think of the Tenacious resin as a “TPU for resin printers” because it has other proprieties.
You can print it clear, without any additives but most of the people that buy this choose to mix it with other types of resin.


Tenacious is transparent with a yellowish tint. It looks like sunflower oil. This is nice because when mixing with other resins, the color will not change.

To my surprise, the Siraya Tech Tenacious has a less pregnant smell compared to other resins like the Anycubic or Phrozen. It still has the specific scent, but it’s not as bad.

Mixing Anycubic Grey Resin with Tenacious Resin


After my first print with the Anycubic Grey resin I noticed that the finished miniature was brittle. I dropped the mini on the wood floor from around 80cm, and it shattered.

In order to fix this, I mixed Tenacious resin with Anycubic Grey in a 1 to 5 ratio, then properly stirred the composition. I used a plastic bottle for this, to be able to shake the contents well. After about a minute, the resins were properly mixed and I started my first print.

Unfortunately, I used a small amount of resin, and my print was not finished because the resin vat was empty. Anyway, not all is lost because now I can show you how strong printed models get after adding Tenacious resin. Or so I thought.

In the first drop test, I managed to lose the model and I could not recover it. You can see that it survived and it did not shatter, even though I dropped it on tiles. Well, live and learn.
So, I came back to the printer, and started a 100% Tenacious print on my Photon Zero, to see the results when I print it clear.

Tenacious Resin 3DBenchy

I printed the 3DBenchy with 10s / layer and 50-micron layer height. Because I used 100 seconds for the first layers, I got a pretty bad elephant’s foot. But the results can be seen in the pictures below.

The resin is translucent after printing, but after curing it gets a bit cloudy. In the video below, you can see how flexible the resin can be.

Even though the print finish quality is not that good, I don’t think this resin was made for printing as is. The best use for the Tenacious resin is to mix it with other resins to add extra “tenacity” to the finished prints, and make them less brittle.
There may be some specific uses for Tenacious where some flexibility is needed, and finish does not matter that much.

Prints with Anycubic Resin mixed with Tenacious

Android 18

The Android 18 model was printed with 20% Tenacious and 80% Anycubic Grey mix for improved reliability and less brittleness. As you can see, the finish is great, and Tenacious does not bring any downsides in quality when mixed.

Rogue Bust

Another print was the Rogue Bust from Eastman’s Patreon. It was printed using the same mix of the Anycubic Grey resin and Siraya Tech Tenacious (80%/20%).

Gino the Brewmaster

Gino the Brewmaster was printed with the same resin mix, and the results can be seen in the pictures below.

Wrapping Up

The Siraya Tech Tenacious is an excellent additive resin to mix with any other resin available on the market. I would recommend Tenacious to anyone who prints a lot of miniatures with fine details. You just need a small quantity added to the mix, to improve the strength of your prints.
It can be bought for around 65$ for 1 KG on Amazon. The price is a bit high, but remember you mix it with other resins, and the proportions can be even lower than 20%.

Europe availability will probably be added in the future but for now there’s no exact date when this can be ordered. Hopefully in a few months, because I am running low.
If you know other sources for Siraya Tech resin in Europe, feel free to leave a link in the comments section.

Other test prints can be found in the Anycubic Photon Zero and Phrozen Sonic Mini reviews I did a while back. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram for other prints which don’t get posted to the website, where I use the same Tenacious resin mix combined with other regular resins.

In the future, I will also test the Siraya Tech BLU resin which is one of the strongest resins available.

The Siraya Tech Resin was provided by Siraya Tech for the purpose of this review. While the article includes affiliate links, all opinions are my own.

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