Sidewinder X2 Custom Touchscreen Firmware: Flashing Guide

I mentioned in the Sidewinder X2 review that Artillery missed the opportunity of offering an improved experience for their customers by updating the touchscreen firmware. Fortunately, the Sidewinder X2 uses the same TFT28 touchscreen as the Sidewinder X1.

This means that we can use the excellent firmware made by Digant to upgrade the Sidewinder X2 Touchscreen Firmware and get extra functionality.

Why flash Digant’s Touchscreen Firmware on the Sidewinder X2?

The main reason why you would flash Digant’s custom Touchscreen Firmware is because of the extra functionality. It’s based on the BIGTREETECH firmware originally made for the TFT line of touchscreens sold by them.

Here are a few awesome features:

  • Gcode terminal
  • PID Tuning Menu
  • Z offset menu
  • ABL Mesh Viewer
  • ABL Mesh Editor
  • Gcode Thumbnail support

I strongly recommend checking out the screenshots and details in Digant’s Thingiverse page for more information.

Before you begin

Before you begin

Please note that installing a custom firmware on the Sidewinder X2 requires some experience with 3D printers and hardware. Even though the flashing process has been tested and it’s confirmed to work on my side, you may break your printer during the process. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then keep the stock firmware.

Read the full guide carefully and install the custom firmware for the Sidewinder X2 only after you properly understood all the steps involved. If you have questions before starting, leave a comment and wait for a reply.

I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to your printer by following this guide. You are doing this on your own responsibility.

Flash the Sidewinder X2 Touchscreen

Navigate to Digant’s page on Thingiverse and download the latest version of TFT Firmware. At the time of writing this article, the latest version is artillery_tft_fw_1.27.x_patch_5..rar.

image 1 | Sidewinder X2 Custom Touchscreen Firmware: Flashing Guide

Unzip the contents of the archive, and copy the files on a Micro SD card. It’s recommended to use a 16GB SD card or smaller.

Sidewinder X2 Custom Screen Firmware | Sidewinder X2 Custom Touchscreen Firmware: Flashing Guide

Insert the SD card into the printer then reboot it. The flashing will start.

Firmware update on Sidewinder X2 | Sidewinder X2 Custom Touchscreen Firmware: Flashing Guide

After 2 minutes, the process is complete. You will be asked to calibrate the touchscreen

Touchscreen Calibration on Sidewinder X2 scaled | Sidewinder X2 Custom Touchscreen Firmware: Flashing Guide

The touchscreen firmware is now installed, but you will notice that it’s not connecting to the printer. For this, you will need to do the changes listed in the second step.

Configure the Touchscreen Firmware for Sidewinder X2

Navigate to Settings -> Connection -> S Ports and set the Baud Rate to 115000

Sidewinder X2 stock Baud Rate | Sidewinder X2 Custom Touchscreen Firmware: Flashing Guide

Navigate to Settings -> Machine -> Settings -> Probe Offset and set the following:

X Offset: 27.25
Y Offset: -12.8
Z Offset: -0.48

Sidewinder X2 stock probe offset | Sidewinder X2 Custom Touchscreen Firmware: Flashing Guide

Don’t forget to tap on Save Settings after changing the values. I also recommend calibrating the Z offset again, after the new firmware is flashed.

Revert to the stock Sidewinder X2 firmware

If you decide you don’t like the functionality, it’s easy to revert back to the stock Sidewinder X2 firmware.

First, download the Sidewinder X2 Stock Touchscreen Firmware

Next, copy the contents of the firmware to the Micro SD card

Insert the SD card into the printer then reboot it. The flashing process will start

Finally, the printer will reboot and your Sidewinder X2 will be running the stock screen firmware.

Wrapping up

Hopefully this guide was helpful and now you can enjoy the extra functionality brought by the custom Sidewinder X2 touchscreen firmware. Don’t forget to thank Digant for the awesome work he did on this firmware because he’s the real MVP.

You can also join the 3DPrintBeginner Forum where there’s a dedicated thread for Artillery 3D Printers.

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    1. I think there is an issue on Thingiverse or someone wrongly reported the link. If the issue is not solved by thingiverse I will open another link

  1. Hello! I wanted to download the TFT firmware for the X2 from Digant but it is no longer available.
    Can anyone send it? Thanks.

  2. Hello! Will you have the original .BIN firmware? There is a .DFU file on the page but it is impossible to install and the original firmware has wrong values. Thanks.

  3. hello,
    i flashed the tft firmware, but now, it’s not possible to load or unload filament. I have an error messar : unknwon M702 T0 or unknow M701 T0
    I have not flashed marlin, do we have to flash Marlin or hwo to correct that problem ?

    1. Hello,
      I had the same problem. Yes, you have to flash with a custom marlin, the (un)load command will work again

      1. hello, can you tell me where i can find a custom marlin for X2 ? And how to flash it.

  4. Would this allow the M600 command to function when printing through Octoprint after the custom firmware is applied? The custom firmware specifically mentions the SD card slow and wasn’t sure if this would apply to Octoprint jobs or not.

          1. 👍 i am waiting :). Your guides are very helpful especially for newbies like me :). So now i stopped looking until your guide. Thanks again

  5. Hey, thanks for this tutoriel that works great !
    Any idea why I can’t switch to French ? Screen show an error : “Language not available. To change language first flash a language pack ini file.”
    But when I look into the RAR archive I can see french language are here.
    Any information on how to switch to french ?

  6. Easily the best website for Artillery printer users!

    Looking forward to one for the Marlin firmware! I just got a Genius Pro and am looking forward to giving linear advance a try!