Creality CR-Laser Falcon Adding Fun to Life

As we know, Creality Ender-3 S1 is compatible with the laser engraving module, and this matching module has been well-liked since the release of Ender-3 S1. To enhance the user experience, Creality launched a new laser engraving & cutting machine named Creality CR-Laser Falcon at its 8th-anniversary celebration on April 9th this year. 

Further developed and optimized based on the last generation, CR-Laser Falcon will surely impress users and add fun to life. For DIY enthusiasts, they should not miss it. Let’s take a look at how this machine meets personalized engraving and cutting needs.

Engraving & Cutting Master Delivering 0.1 mm Precision

Just like the Creality’s resin 3D printers—Halot One Plus featured high accuracy, CR-Laser Falcon energized by double high precision is excellent. By using the poly-lens spot compression laser technology, the spot size is compressed to 0.12*0.06 mm from 0.32*0.14 mm, giving an increase to speed by 6 times, ensuring both the engraving and cutting accuracy can reach 0.1 mm.

CR Laser Falcon1 | Creality CR-Laser Falcon Adding Fun to Life

Quick Focusing, Efficiency Improvement

With the focusing system made up of a fixed-focus lens and a facilitator, users can slide down the facilitator for fast focusing and uplift it once it’s completed. For example, to customize a logo on gift boxes of different materials, due to the size and thickness differences, users need to conduct focusing on ensuring the engraving effect. On top of these, just like CR-10 Smart Pro, it can be easily assembled as its parts are coming all in one piece. 

CR Laser Falcon2 | Creality CR-Laser Falcon Adding Fun to Life

Engraving Area Preview, Accurate Positioning

To reduce the risk of failure, preview the engraving area before taking action. CR-Laser Falcon can accurately locate the working area. For small batch engraving, the preview function is significant with an indication of the same area, largely improving the success rate. If users want to make ten pieces of artwork with a tiger engraved at the corner, CR-Laser Falcon will recognize the same engraving area and make sure the pattern is in the right place.

CR Laser Falcon3 | Creality CR-Laser Falcon Adding Fun to Life

Support Multiple Materials, Maximize Imagination

DIY on different materials and have fun. CR-Laser Falcon is compatible with multiple materials –flexible materials like paper and leather, wood, PVC of general hardness, and the anodized surface of high-hardness can all be handled by Falcon. Users can laser engrave the same pattern on different materials for creative aesthetic interpretation.

CR Laser Falcon4 | Creality CR-Laser Falcon Adding Fun to Life

Creality CR-Laser Falcon Operation Video

Creality has launched its new global website where users can easily upload their engraving works to Creality Cloud, as well as its official store. For more details about CR-Laser Falcon, click to have a look.

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