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Creality CR-6 SE IdeaMaker Profiles

With the Creality CR-6 SE IdeaMaker Profiles, you can achieve superior results when printing in PLA and PETG. For more print samples, you can check the CR-6 SE Review.

Download Creality CR-6 SE IdeaMaker Profiles

With the following profiles, you should be able to get similar results, but it’s important to also tune the flow rate for the filament brand you are using. All the profiles are tuned to work on the stock setup of the Creality CR-6 SE with no modifications.

Creality CR-6 SE PLA IdeaMaker Profile

A pirate with his rat bust from Eastman was printed with the PLA IdeaMaker Profile in FilamentOne PLA Glint Gold.

Download the PLA profile below:

Creality CR-6 SE IdeaMaker Profile – PLA – 3DPrintBeginner

Creality CR-6 SE PETG IdeaMaker Profile

The Evil Grinning Pumpkin from Eastman’s Halloween Pack was printed with the PETG IdeaMaker Profile in Devil Design Dark Orange PETG.

Download the PETG profile below:

Creality CR-6 SE IdeaMaker Profile – PETG – 3DPrintBeginner

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  1. One more, sorry. I downloaded it, should the step-E per mm under the printer advance tab be set to 420.0 or just 0? Just checking, still learning here, and thanks a million!

  2. The downloadable profiles are zipped .bin files. How do you import those into the CR-6SE as they do not recognize those file types?

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