Textured PEI Sheet from Trianglelab

A flexible textured PEI sheet is one of the best upgrades you can buy for your printer. There are a lot of versions you can buy including smooth PEI sheet and textured PEI sheet available in a multitude of sizes and forms.
Today, i will tell you about my experience with the double-sided textured PEI sheet from Trianglelab.


The PEI sheet from Trianglelab comes packaged in a sturdy box. Inside it, the sheet and magnetic surface is further protected for shipping in two pieces of styrofoam. I really like that Trianglelab takes the time to properly package their products, in order to make sure you don’t have issues caused by shipping.

Textured PEI Sheet

After unpacking, I found an impeccable black textured double-sided PEI sheet. Both sides are nice and clean, with no imperfections.
The sides of the PEI sheet are perfectly cut and the corners are rounded.

The magnetic surface is cut exactly to size with no rough corners. It also has a 3M adhesive that allows it to stick really well on the heatbed.

In the same package, there’s a printed instruction guide to follow, in order to make sure you get the best printing experience out of your PEI sheet.
From this guide, we learn that the magnetic surface is rated to 110C or less.

Printing experience with the Textured PEI Sheet

After installing the magnetic surface and re-adjusting the Z height to mach the new PEI sheet, i cleaned the surface with isopropyl alcohol.
Then, I heated the bed to 60C and started my first test print in PLA. The first layer adhered to the bed well, and I was able to finish my first print without any issues.

Trianglelab PEI Sheet BLV Cube

The first picture is most relevant to show the adhesion and the textured effect made possible by the textured PEI sheet. Printed in Devil Design PLA at 200C, 70mm/s, 0.15 mm layer height.

The second test print was a Key Holder printed in Black Devil Design PLA at 200C, 70mm/s, 0.15 mm layer height.
This is another really good example of the texture made possible by the textured PEI sheet.

Another PLA test print is the awesome Filler Spool Holder from Thingiverse. Perfect layers and really nice texture.

The final test print was a 36 hour print. I wanted to see if the adhesion is kept well on a longer print, and the textured PEI sheet did not disappoint.
I was able to successfully complete the print and easily pop it out when finished. No need to wait for the bed to cool. I just removed the plate, flexed it and the print was removed.

Trianglelab PEI Sheet review


The textured PEI sheet from Trianglelab is a great upgrade for any 3D printer, eliminating the need of waiting for the heatbed to cool before removing a print. Besides that, the use of cutters and scrapers are a thing of the past. Also, adhesive solutions should not be needed anymore. And with the improved adhesion, you also get a nice texture on your prints. It’s not the cheapest surface you can print on, but considering all the time you save with removing the prints and the double-sided PEI, the price is fair.

I can’t find anything to complain about the textured PEI sheet i reviewed today. Maybe the shipping cost, but considering you get the package fast (2-3 weeks) and packaged properly, i think it’s well worth it.
An important thing to mention is the lack of any print marks on the textured surface. After doing around 5 test prints, the surface looked untouched. I hope this trend is continued on the following prints.

I will surely order another one for the Sidewinder Genius from Artillery. A printer that should arrive in a few weeks and a review will follow.
Happy printing!

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Textured PEI Sheet From Trianglelab | 3D Print Beginner

A flexible textured PEI sheet is one of the best upgrades you can buy for your printer. Here's my experience with the Trianglelabs textured PEI sheet.

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