Fix OctoPrint always on printer display

If you are an OctoPrint user, you probably noticed that the printer display is always on. This is caused by the USB connection powering the printer display and motherboard.
Today I will show you an easy fix for the OctoPrint always on printer display.

Why is this happening ?

In order to fix the Octoprint always on printer display, we first need to understand why that happens. A typical USB connector has two data lines, and two power lines.

USB wire diagram

By blocking the 5V power line on the connector, we cut the power going to the printer therefore fixing the always on power issue.

OctoPrint always on fix

Cut a small piece of electrical tape, enough to cover the pin 

tape for pin | Fix OctoPrint always on printer display

Using small pliers, insert the tape inside the connector, over the +5V connector

Covered 5V pin to fix always on display

Insert the USB back in the OctoPrint server

Covered 5V pin on USB conector

That’s it!

Now that the +5V line has been insulated, your printer display will stay off when the printer is not used. This eliminates the need for unplugging the USB cable, and fixes a little annoyance.

Happy printing !

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