BioFusion Blue Fire – Yondu Udonta Bust

A couple of days ago I got some BioFusion Blue Fire filament from Extrudr and I was really excited to do a cool print with it. The filament color is amazing and it’s one of my favorites from what I used until now.
The bust was printed in 2 pieces with minimal support, then I glued the pieces.

BioFusion Blue Fire print settings for Yondu Udonta bust

There are the settings I used for printing the Yondu Udonta Bust:

Yondu Udonta bust gallery

BioFusion Blue Fire - Yondu Udonta Bust (6)BioFusion Blue Fire - Yondu Udonta Bust (6) BioFusion Blue Fire - Yondu Udonta Bust (6)
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Print Recommendations for BioFusion Blue Fire

BioFusion Blue Fire recommended print settings

The BioFusion Blue Fire from Extrudr is recommended to be printed between 200C and 230C, at a speed between 20mm/s and 40mm/s.
I recommend you stick to the speeds recommended by the manufacturer. I printed at 50mm/s and I had some minor issues with overhangs printed on the supports.
Due to the higher speed used, I had some small issues with the prints adhering to the support. I am sure that with a speed of 40mm/s everything will work great.
Overall the BioFusion Blue Fire filament was really easy to print. Support removal was a breeze, and there were no contact marks on the print.

Wrapping up

I love the BioFusion filament from Extrudr and I can’t wait to print with it again. In a future post, I will share some prints with the GreenTEC PRO carbon filament which looks awesome. I finally got my hands on some carbon filament to put the Mosquito Hotend and the Vanadium Nozzle to work. I can’t wait to share some print results with it.
Avaliable from:
Amazon UK

Special thanks to Extrudr for giving me the chance to test their awesome filament!


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