CR-Scan 01 Biggest Sale Ever – A Mature Scanner in a Growing Market

CR Scan | CR-Scan 01 Biggest Sale Ever - A Mature Scanner in a Growing Market

Consumer-level 3D scanners have gained immense popularity over the last few years, with a remarkable surge in market demand. These tools are versatile and have numerous applications in various fields, such as DIY projects, augmented reality and virtual reality, digital preservation of art and cultural heritage, and the development of metaverse content.

The growing interest in 3D scanning and modeling technologies among hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts has played a significant role in the widespread use of consumer-grade 3D scanners. These scanners are becoming increasingly accessible and easy to use, allowing more people to bring their creative ideas to life in a digital format.

With the growing trend of creating and consuming digital 3D content, it’s safe to say that it will soon become a ubiquitous aspect of our daily lives.

CR-Scan 01

One popular scanner, the CR-Scan 01 from Creality, was launched back in 2021 as the world’s first wide-format consumer-grade 3D scanner, offering a great combination of affordability, precision, and features.

The easy-to-use scanner was released as an economical way to scan objects with high detail, and with little manual post-processing involved, the latter feature being thanks to the intelligent software bundled with the scanner.

With the included JM-Studio software the task of aligning scans is now automated as part of the software workflow, so there is no need to affix stickers to scanned items for tracking.

As the co-designer of the scanner and cooperative partner of Creality, 3DMakerpro is now launching the CR-Scan 01 with the lowest price ever of $375 for a limited time.

The deal officially starts on Feb 1st and lasts until Feb 28th. There will be a delay in shipment, and all the products are guaranteed to be delivered before April 10th.

CR Scan Creality


3DMakerpro has managed to offer all this innovation in a budget-friendly package thanks to their long experience in research and development, and manufacturing of consumer-grade 3D scanners.

Some of these advancements include a cutting-edge multi-spectral projection system, advanced visual tracking and no-marking registration algorithms, and the highly efficient automatic model processing algorithm found in their JM-Studio software.

Scan | CR-Scan 01 Biggest Sale Ever - A Mature Scanner in a Growing Market


The CR-Scan 01 features wide-format scanning that enables scanning tasks to be completed much quicker than those with a narrower field of view, and much more smoothly. This is particularly useful for those who may need to scan multiple items in a single session, or for those scanning medium-sized objects that may require a larger pass with the scanner.

The scanner features a resolution of 0.5mm meaning that it can capture items with details as small as half a millimeter. It has a scanning accuracy of 0.1mm so that every detail scanned will be correctly located on the final model to within 0.1mm.

The combination of resolution and accuracy makes it suitable for detailed work such as scanning miniatures and figurines. With a working distance of 400-900mm, users can scan at a comfortable distance without worrying that the scanner will lose tracking.


The JM-Studio software provides users with a means of monitoring the scan as it is ongoing, as well as a variety of tools for aligning scans, cleaning up the data, and converting the scan data into 3D models for export into your preferred CAD, animation, or slicer software.

It features two main modes for scanning which are Easy Mode and Table Mode.

Easy Mode allows the user to pick up the scanner and move it over objects freely, which is ideal for scanning larger items.

Table Mode makes use of the included USB-powered turntable, which is ideal for smaller parts. The turntable provides a stable platform for scanning 360 degrees around the object, keeping the user’s hands-free, and providing a clear and easy scan of the part in question.

JM-Studio also allows for color texturing, which can be achieved when the scanner is used in combination with a DSLR camera.

Scanner Comparison

The CR-Scan 01 offers great value for those wishing to get into 3D scanning, and it still holds its own even when compared to new scanners such as the upcoming Revopoint Range.

Both the CR-Scan 01 and the Range are equal when it comes to precision, even though the Range is expected to have a higher price when it is launched, based on previous product launches from the company.

The CR-Scan 01 also outperforms the Range in terms of working distance, with the CR-Scan 01 having a working distance of up to 900mm, compared to 800mm on Revopoint’s latest offering.

In terms of optics and scale-of-operation, both scanners have full-color RGB cameras and large-format scanning capabilities, meaning they are equal in this capacity.

So while the Revopoint is something of an unknown quantity, the CR-Scan 01 is a mature product and has been tried and tested, which is why its popularity continues to grow.

CR Scan Feature | CR-Scan 01 Biggest Sale Ever - A Mature Scanner in a Growing Market

In order to keep ahead of the competition and offer maximum value to customers, 3DMakerpro has reduced the CR-Scan 01 from $450 to $375 from Feb 1st to Feb 28th.

To learn more about the CR-Scan 01, and avail of the discount during the sale period, please visit their website here.

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