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High-Speed Printing with Fiberlogy Easy-PETG

I like to test any printing material I can get my hands on. And I managed to get my hands on some blue Easy-PETG from Fiberlogy. Aroud the same time, I bought yet another printer (the Creality Ender 3) in order to test Klipper with it. So this is the best time to test this new Fiberlogy Easy-PETG at the high speeds offered by the Klipper firmware.

Test Prints with Fiberlogy Easy-PETG

I first started with the usual 3D Benchy, on my Anet AM8, but because of some bad settings in the slicer, I got a few blobs on a somehow decent benchy.

Next, I printed the Petsfang Duct for the Ender 3 from Thingiverse, on the same Anet AM8. Printing on a plain sheet of mirror is awesome, and i managed to get a really nice print with a mirror-like finish on the back.

Petsfang Fanduct
High-Speed Printing with Fiberlogy Easy-PETG 1

Now that i finished my cooling setup and installed Klipper on the Ender 3 it was time to test some high-speed PETG printing. I printed the MatterHackers’ Mascot Phil A Ment at 150mm/s, and here are the results.

Albeit, it’s not a “real” 150mm/s because of the relative small size print, but the quality is impressive to say the least. I tested other no-name PETG filaments and it was hard printing with more than 50mm/s and still get a good finish.

To be honest, the Fiberlogy Easy-PETG is really nice but there are a few things that i don’t like.

  1. The amount you get is only 0.85 KG, when other companies offer 1KG spools
  2. The spool is over-engineered and creates a lot of waste. I would very much prefer a low quality spool, or even to be given the ability to buy filament without a spool and use my own.

If you can get past these two small issues, I think the Fiberlogy Easy-PETG is a high-quality material that prints beautifully and manages to offer close-to-PLA finish prints.

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