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3DPrintBeginner has become an important website when it comes to accurate and detailed information about 3D Printers and related topics. It contains useful and honest information without being a website filled with intrusive ads or paid content. Most readers come to the website because they know that information is shared without external influence and gives them an honest opinion about the products reviewed.

In order to allow the website to continue working independently without any external influence, it relies on affiliate programs, advertisement banners, and sponsored articles. Accepting paid Banners and Sponsored Articles will not influence the content published on the website.


We don’t use aggressive traffic for monitoring/tracking our readers as the website is focused on delivering helpful information, not large amounts of traffic to sell user data.

Even so, you can get information about the website performance by checking it on Similarweb where there are a few metrics available that will help understanding the people that are visiting the site.

If you are looking to promote your products, you can do so with the following types of promotions:

Advertisement Banners

These banners can be placed on the Homepage and on the side of an article. Because I respect my readers and don’t like intrusive ads, there are limited spots for placing those banners on the website. Depending on the needs, the size can be adjusted, but only if they remain unintrusive. It is not possible to add banners between article paragraphs.

Banners can be reserved for a 1-month period. Every banner is clearly marked with the “Advertisement Banner” identifier.

Sponsored Articles / Press Releases

Sponsored articles are written by the company looking to promote a specific product. This sponsored article may contain information about the product, showing essential features. Announcements or press releases about a particular product are also accepted.

Every Sponsored Article is clearly marked with the “Sponsored Article” tag at the beginning of the article and is added to the Sponsored category. It will be shown in a dedicated section of the homepage with the “Sponsored Articles” identifier.

We DO NOT accept any kind of sponsorship when it comes to reviewing products. Reviews are written following the strict Review Guidelines covered on this page and cannot have any external influence on the content.

Guidelines for Advertising with 3DPrintBeginner

  • The content in the article you are looking to advertise should be well written and should contain relevant information about the topic.
  • The length of the article should be around 700 to 1000 words and should also contain relevant images to the topic.
  • The article should not contain excessive marketing/promotional wording. More technical information with accurate descriptions of the features will be more appropriate and will provide more value.
  • Every article will be reviewed before any agreement is done. If changes are necessary, they will be done and sent for approval before publishing.
  • No tracking is done by 3DPrintBeginner for any Sponsored Article, other than the view count. If tracked links are used, this will be disclosed at the beginning of the article.

I reserve the right to add more conditions to the Advertising Guidelines over time, in order to ensure the quality of the content on the website.

If you want to advertise with 3DPrintBeginner, send an email to [email protected] for more information

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