Textured PEI Powder Steel Plate from Banggood

In my quest for the best print surface, I found another promising textured PEI sheet on Banggood. This one goes under a lot of names and I’ve also seen it available on Amazon.


The PEI powder steel plate comes in a carboard box, wrapped in some bubble wrap. Not a lot of protection, but my plate arrived safely without any dents.

Textured PEI Powder Steel Plate

The textured PEI power steel plate is double sided, and it has the same PEI texture on both sides. It’s the same kind of texture like the one you get on the ENERGETIC PEI Spring Steel Sheet I reviewed a while ago.

It comes with a magnetic sticker which needs to be applied on the bed. I noticed that the magnet is not as strong as with the Energetic plate, but it’s good enough to keep the plate in place.

You could have some issues with the plate bowing if you print ABS without an enclosure due to the ABS tendency to raise from its corners. I don’t print ABS so I can’t confirm if this happens or not. All I can say is that the plate stayed flat when printing PLA and PETG.

I ordered the 300×300 mm plate which is not big enough for some printers. As you can see, the plate doesn’t cover the full heatbed on my Sapphire Plus which has a 310×310 mm heatbed, but I never print a full plate so that works for me.

Textured PEI Powder Steel Plate | Textured PEI Powder Steel Plate from Banggood

Test Print with the Textured PEI Powder Steel Plate

ROG Plate

A friend of mine asked me to print him a cover for his motherboard, so I did. As you can see, the texture is nice and gives the print a nice overall finish.

Is the Textured PEI Powder Steel Plate worth it?

Considering that the PEI powder steel plate is cheaper compared to an Energetic PEI Spring Steel Sheet, I think it’s worth it. The adhesion is similar, and I like the fact that both sides have the textured surface

It might be a better purchase if you need a PEI sheet as soon as possible and it’s available in a local warehouse.

Where to buy the Textured PEI Powder Steel Plate?

The Textured PEI Powder Steel Plate can be bought from the following stores:


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