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Artillery Genius Firmware with Marlin

The Artillery Genius is awesome and the firmware it comes with is properly configured, but unfortunately it uses an older variant of the Marlin firmware and it lacks some features.
It is recommended to upgrade the Artillery Genius Firmware to Marlin in order to get all the features it offers.

Why should you upgrade to Marlin

Compared to the original firmware, the firmware i compiled has the following features implemented:

  • Save to EEPROM
  • P.I.D. Autotune option for hotend – also added tuned PID settings for hotend and heatbed.
  • Manual Bed leveling
  • Linear Advance 1.5 enabled and configured K Factor to 0.13
  • S Curve Acceleration and Adaptive Step Smoothing is enabled
  • Added preheat presets for PLA and PETG
  • Babystepping Z enabled
  • Quick Home enabled for faster homing
  • Changed Feedrate and Acceleration values for smooth and silent operation

Please read the full article before starting the flash. More information is covered, to better understand the process.

Firmware flashing prerequisites

The stock TFT touchscreen cable needs to be removed in order to get a connection from the computer and flash the board firmware.

As you can see, my TFT connector was full of glue so I had to remove the cable including the connector. Carefully remove any glue that might be around the connector, then using the included USB cable, connect your printer to the computer.

Bonus tip! You can also remove this red and black wire from the screen. By removing this wire you will be able to flash the screen without needing to open the printer again. If your main TFT cable is full of glue like mine, you can just remove this wire and continue with the firmware flashing.

TFT conector | Artillery Genius Firmware with Marlin

With the firmware flashed, you can now connect the TFT cable back to its original position and put the bottom cover back.

How to flash Artillery Genius Firmware with Marlin

First, you need to flash the board firmware. I am using Prusa Slicer to flash.

1. Download the Marlin for Artillery Genius firmware
2. Open Prusa Slicer
3. Go to Configuration -> Flash printer firmware
4. Select the Marlin- file provided, and choose the correct serial port for your printer

Flash Sidewinder X1 firmware (1)

5. Click Flash! and wait for the process to finish.

Flash Sidewinder X1 firmware (2)

After flashing the firmware, make sure you first run the G-Code provided, to reset to factory defaults and clear EEPROM. Copy the .gcode file on your SD Card and “print” it.
You can also run the following commands in sequence:


Flash Artillery Genius LCD Firmware

1. Download TFT Firmware for Artillery Genius
2. Copy the contents of TFT Firmware for Artillery Genius folder in the root of the SD Card
3. Plug your SD Card in your printer
4. Start the printer and wait for the flashing process to finish

Flash Artillery Genius LCD

The printer will reboot when finished

Artillery Genius Auto Bed Leveling with Stock Sensor

You can also achieve Auto Bed Leveling on your Artillery Genius using the stock Z endstop sensor.
Read mode about it in the Artillery Genius Auto Bed Leveling with Stock Sensor article


Use at your own risk! The firmware and Config Files are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

If you want to customize your own version of Marlin, you can visit my Github repo where also uploaded the source files.

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Boris Jäger
Boris Jäger
1 year ago

Hi and thank you!

I uploaded the firmware yesterday. Unfortunately i’m unable to update the TFT firmware because my SD-Card reader doesnt work 🙁
But the main problem is, i don’t like the homing of this firmware here (home position is in the middle of the printbed).
Do you have the configuration files used for this firmware? I’d like to modify it a bit, but i am unable to do a complete configuration for the genius.

John Belmonte
John Belmonte
1 year ago

I successfully flashed the printer firmware without opening the case or using a modified TFT firmware, using the avrdude tool in a manner described on thingiverse by joskfg. (I’ll post the link in a reply, assuming it passes the moderation.)

The approach is to run the flash command just as the TFT is being reset, such that USB connection can be established before the TFT boots. If it fails, try again. Only took me 2-3 tries. Hit the reset button simultaneously with initiating the flash. I didn’t use the repeated loop approach described in the article. Also be aware there is a typo,"-U flash:w:0:$FIRMWARE_HEX:i" should be "-U flash:w:$FIRMWARE_HEX:i".

Jomark Arollado
Jomark Arollado
1 year ago

Do you have a BLtouch version?

1 year ago

Wish I had the stock firmware back.

I installed the updated Marlin Firmware as defined in this article. However, after the update my first layer print quality is TRASH! I went back through all of the previous calibrations of extruder, filament flow and now PID tuning just to be sure that wasn’t an issue. Prior to this update, my first layer was nearly flawless and was the smoothest I had seen from several friends’ Enders, Makerbots and Dremel printers. Now, I can’t even get bed leveling squares to print accurately and without defect between prints.

After hours of testing, adjusting and searching for solutions on the Internet, I believe there is a problem with this firmware. I can level the bed at 60C, do a bed leveling square print with PLA, let it cool and do it again with totally different results. The first print I set with paper and it drags lightly, just as I had set it prior to the upgrade, but the squares look like the bed is too low. (open gaps and filament not sticking in some places) After running the bed leveling print a second time, the layers are gouged (changing nothing), the paper drags heavily and would be too tight. This issue was not present in the stock firmware. This is the reason I would really like to have the stock firmware back….CONSISTENCY. If there is a copy of the stock firmware available, I would greatly like a link to it so I can put this printer back to stock. The additional features of linear advance are not worth the price I’m paying for awful print performance. This printer shined past the other printers I just mentioned completely stock and they were upgraded. I’m fooling for tinkering with it, to be honest, but I thought how amazing could it be if I could tweak out some of the very minor issues? Bad choice.

1 year ago

Hi Ciprian, thanks for the update!

The TFT FW link sends you to the January one, is it still viable to use it with Marlin v2.0.5.3? Should I use the February one?

I have no need for ABL, I´m using a stock Genius.

Thanks again for your time ^^

1 year ago

OK…this is about the most frustrating thing I think I’ve done with a computer-related device in my 25 years of working on them. I am getting the same error as Pavol when trying the flash the Merlin update. So, I try to flash the TFT and that also is a no-go. Do I HAVE to use an SD card or can the files be on a flash drive? I loaded them onto a flash drive but the printer display will not boot from it to do a flash. This thing just arrived in the mail today so I really don’t want to go breaking seals in order to unplug a display if I really don’t have to but I want to get the updated firmware because I also can’t get any of your other calibrations to work. For instance, when trying to do the extruder calibration,the gcodes to push out 180mm of filament does nothing. I’m pulling my hair out on this thing because it prints like crap and I figure these calibrations and settings will help.

Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.

Gerard Montasell
Gerard Montasell
1 year ago

When I do the calibration. It does not do the calibration in the same poles that by default it does them in the ends

1 year ago

After upgrading TFT without any problems on every printing I get message:
Unknown command: “G21 ” ok

I can confirm this message and the printing normaly continues. I have Artillery Genius with firmware 1.5, flashing only TFT firmware. How can I fix this please? Slicer (with loaded .ini settings from the printer producer) generates in each gcode this G21:

M109 S230 ; set temperature and wait for it to be reached
G21 ; set units to millimeters
G90 ; use absolute coordinates
M82 ; use absolute distances for extrusion

So I think it should be the part of the gcode. Before upgrading TFT firmware I was able to print without any alerts. How to fix this please?

1 year ago

Ok. I’m totally confused. I updated the TFT no problems. I’m on MKS tft Version: 3.0.3…….

I don’t understand how to update to Marlin 2.0.1 Where can I find some detailed steps to follow? I don’t see how to turn off the screen to update. My computer says flashing failed because it cant open the com port. 🙁

Emanuel Posescu
Emanuel Posescu
1 year ago

Hi, maybe a stupid question but on a new printer with stock firmware, would flashing the TFT first give you access to the disconnect option so you can flash the mainboard without opening the printer ?