Review Guidelines

The 3DPrintBeginner website is developed as a place for anyone to get honest information without any kind of influence from external parties.

I pride myself on the content I do because everything I write is based on my own experience with truthful information. I will never do paid reviews or filter the information I want to share just so I can make a company look good.

I am not looking to make you buy anything or convince you to buy a specific product.

Sometimes, I get free products to review, but I make sure to specify this in every article I do about it. There is no influence in my reviews because of that.

Even though I use affiliate links in my articles, every product will be treated like any other product which was purchased from my own funds.

3DPrintBeginner Review Guidelines

If you are a company that wants to send me products to test and review, you need to agree with the following rules:

  • All the information shared about my experience with your product will be shared “as is” without any filters.
  • I will not accept any kind of compensation for the articles I do for the products sent to review or test.
    I don’t collaborate with companies who are looking to pay for a positive review. I covered this in the past in this article: The 3D Printing Review Scene is Shady.
  • I will never guarantee a positive review for your product. I will share my positive or negative experience with the product and after the review is published, it won’t be possible to delete it, or edit specific information from it. But I can update the article with helpful information if this is needed or if I re-test the product.
  • There will be no previous article review of the contents before an article is published. If there is any issue with the item I review, I will always contact support to try to fix the problem, and the experience will be shared in the article.
  • Any product I receive is treated as a gift with no strings attached. After publishing the review or article about it, the product will be either discarded or given away. If the product needs to be returned after the review, please let me know in advance so I can keep the box and accessories to do that. Any shipping costs and arrangements will be handled by the company sending the product.
  • If you decide to send me a product for review, you are responsible for shipping and customs costs. Always specify the correct value of the product for the customs, and contact me in advance to discuss about the shipment.
  • The reviews or articles I do for the product will be done in a timely manner but without any specific commitment for a publishing date unless otherwise agreed upon. Sometimes, because of various reasons, the articles can be delayed.
  • There is no way for me to test this in advance, but I expect any product sent to me to review or test to be the same as any regular buyer. I strongly suggest you don’t cherry pick a product before sending it to me to review. It doesn’t help anyone.
  • I will not review any beta/prototype/under-development machine, but I will gladly offer feedback about the product and tips to make it better. Every product I review needs to be a retail version.

You specifically agree with these terms if you want to collaborate with me. I won’t accept any changes in this agreement after the product has been sent.

If you agree with these terms, then feel free to send me an email.

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