The Creality K2 Plus X CFS Combo Goes on Pre-Sale: Its First Multi-Color 3D Printing Solution

Creality, a global leader in 3D printing technology, is thrilled to announce the pre-sale of its latest innovation, the Creality K2 Plus x CFS multi-color 3D printer combo. This groundbreaking addition to the esteemed K Series is designed to empower users with unmatched creative freedom under the theme “Create The World, Color Your Way.” 

Coloring Creativity to Your Heart’s Content

Creality K2 Plus Combo | The Creality K2 Plus X CFS Combo Goes on Pre-Sale: Its First Multi-Color 3D Printing Solution

The groundbreaking K2 Plus, the latest addition to Creality’s esteemed K Series, boasts a substantial 350mm cubed build volume. Leveraging the comprehensive Creality Filament System (CFS) unit, the model pioneers high-speed multi-filament 3D printing with support for effortless creation of stunning 16-color prints while revolutionizing filament management with RFID-enabled automatic identification and selection.

As the CFS unit accommodates up to four 1kg filament rolls per box, the K2 Plus supports up to four parallel CFS units for 16-roll filament printing. Its intuitive design also supports automatic filament loading, unloading, and replacement. Besides, the CFS features a sealed design with an anti-escape feature, temperature and humidity display screens. Further, with smart cartridge management and integration with Creality OS, the CFS revolutionizes filament management with RFID-enabled automatic identification and selection, ensuring optimal pairing for each print based on material, color, and weight. 

K2 Plus features | The Creality K2 Plus X CFS Combo Goes on Pre-Sale: Its First Multi-Color 3D Printing Solution

Beyond its multi-filament capabilities, the K2 Plus offers unmatched print quality and efficiency, featuring precision engineering, active chamber heating, and next-generation extrusion. Empowered by Creality OS and Edge AI technology, the model enables seamless connectivity and intelligent monitoring. 

K2 Plus Combo Pre-Sale Promotions in Phases

The pre-sale for the Creality K2 Plus x CFS Multi-color Combo will be conducted in multiple phases, offering substantial discounts to early buyers. 

K2 Plus Discounts for Pre Order | The Creality K2 Plus X CFS Combo Goes on Pre-Sale: Its First Multi-Color 3D Printing Solution

Phase 1

Super Early Bird – 50% Off for the first 200 units, starting at 9:00 AM EDT on June 5, 2024.

Phase 2

Early Bird – 40% Off for the next 500 units, from June 6, 2024, to June 13, 2024, starting at 9:00 AM EDT.

Phase 3

Special Deal – 30% Off for the next 800 units, from June 14, 2024, to June 30, 2024, starting at 9:00 AM EDT.

Phase 4

Last Chance – 20% Off for the next 1000 units, from July 1, 2024, to July 20, 2024, starting at 9:00 AM EDT.

After July 20: The Creality K2 Plus Multi-color Combo units will be sold at the regular price of USD 1,499. The pre-sale will be available only through the official Creality Store in the USA, Europe, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the UK. 

Empowering All Walks of Life

The Creality K2 Plus CFS Combo is designed to help users achieve their design dreams with its multi-color and high-speed printing capabilities. Artists will be able to create vivid and lifelike sculptures using its 16-color printing capability, while teachers can print colorful educational models, making learning more engaging and intuitive. Designers can create unique accessories, such as phone cases and keychains, showcasing their design concepts and style. 

Homemakers can print colorful home decor items, adding warmth and interest to their homes. Children can print various colorful toys, from dinosaurs to favorite cartoon characters, bringing endless joy. Architects can print detailed architectural models, clearly distinguishing different functional areas using various colors. Baking enthusiasts can print custom molds in various shapes, enhancing their baking creativity and satisfaction. 

Creality K2 Plus Combo Specifications

Product ModelK2 Plus ComboFile TransferUSB drive/ethernet/WiFi
Printing TechnologyFDMRated Voltage100-240V~ AC 50/60Hz
Build Volume350*350*350mmDisplay Screen4.3″ color touch screen
K2 Plus Dimensions495*515*640mmRated Power1200W
K2 Plus Combo Dimensions495*515*916mmSupported FilamentsPLA/ABS/PETG/PA-CF/PET-CF…
Package Dimensions612*582*725mm Monitoring AI Camera Yes
K2 Plus Net Weight33.5KgCalibration AI CameraYes
K2 Plus Combo Net Weight38.5kgFilament Run-out SensorYes
K2 Plus Combo Gross Weight54kgAuto Filament BackupYes
Printing Speed600mm/sFilament Tangle SesnorYes
Acceleration30000mm/s²Air PurifierYes
Printing Accuracy100mm±0.1mmInput Shaping (G-Sensor)Yes
Layer Height0.05-0.3mmLighting KitYes
ExtruderApus dual-gear direct drive extruderAuto Bed Tilt CalibrationYes
Filament Diameter1.75mmSlicing SoftwareCrealityPrint5.0
Nozzle Diameter0.4mmMax Filament Spools4 [Single CFS]
Nozzle Temperature≤350℃Active Chamber HeaterYes
Heatbed Temperature≤120℃UI LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese
Chamber Temperature≤60℃RFID FilamentOptional
Build PlateFlexible build plateSupport File FormatsG-code
Leveling ModeAnti-tilt auto levelingCFSYes
XYZE MotorClosed-loop servo step motorMax CFS Connection≤4
Creality K2 Plus CFS Combo Specs

Gather Ye Discounts While Ye May

We encourage everyone to participate in the Creality K2 Plus Multi-color Combo pre-sale event and experience the innovative features of this remarkable product.

Take advantage of the early bird discounts while they’re here by clicking the links below – on the Creality Store only – and explore the limitless possibilities of creativity with Creality K2 Plus CFS Combo! 

US Store | UK Store | DE Store | JP Store | CA Store | AU Store | EU Store

To know more about the K2 Plus, please visit Creality product page. For updates and exclusive offers, visit Creality’s official website


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