Category: 3D Printer Calibration

CR10S-PRO Prusa Slicer profile 0

CR10S-PRO Prusa Slicer profile

After a few failed updates from Cura and general instability, i made the move to Prusa Slicer 2.1. I tweaked the profile with a few test prints, and i find the results better than Cura. Feel free to download the profile from here. It should be a good...

Hotend and Heatbed PID Tuning 2

Hotend and Heatbed PID Tuning

Going from a finished print to a great print takes a lot of calibration steps. Besides having the heatbed leveled correctly, and the extruder perfectly calibrated to melt just enough filament, the temperature of the hotend and the heatbed is just as important. Today i am going to...