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NF Crazy Hotend A Mosqutio Hotend alternative

NF Crazy Hotend – A Mosqutio Hotend alternative

A few weeks ago, I tested the Mosquito Hotend and i really liked it. It offers really good performance, improved retractions and one-handed nozzle changes. Unfortunately, the thing i did not like the most is the price. I could not justify installing a $200+ hotend on the Ender...

The Mosquito Hotend Review

The Mosquito Hotend – Best Hotend Money Can Buy ?

What is The Mosquito Hotend? In a 3D printing world where the majority of the hotends consist of E3D V6 variants, the Mosquito Hotend is a breath of fresh air.The Mosquito Hotend was designed by Slice Engineering to be to be an upgrade over the regular hotends. It...