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High Speed Printing with Fiberlogy PETG

High-Speed Printing with Fiberlogy Easy-PETG

I like to test any printing material I can get my hands on. And I managed to get my hands on some blue Easy-PETG from Fiberlogy. Aroud the same time, I bought yet another printer (the Creality Ender 3) in order to test Klipper with it. So this...

Fiberlogy FiberFlex 40D

Fiberlogy FiberFlex 40D 3D Benchy

I printed a quick test with the FiberFlex 40D from Fiberlogy. Settings: Layer Size: 0.2 mm Speed: 40mm.s Temp: 210C No retraction 3 walls, 3 top layers, 3 bottom layers There were some missed top layers in the back, but with a bit of tweaking this can be...