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Sidewinder X1 Upgrades - Paid and Free

Artillery Sidewinder X1 Upgrades – Paid and Free

If you were looking for Sidewinder X1 upgrades to do on your printer, you’ve come to the right place.In this article, I will share my recommended Sidewinder X1 upgrades with some feedback. This should make the decision easier when thinking about what Sidewinder X1 upgrades you can do...

SKR 1.3 upgrade for Sidewinder X1

SKR 1.3 Upgrade for Sidewinder X1

The SKR 1.3 upgrade for the Sidewinder X1 is a big improvement over the stock configuration. It updates the printers’ capabilities to 32 bit, makes it a bit quieter and allows for easier firmware upgrades.I previously reviewed the Sidewinder X1 and it’s a good machine in its stock...