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Sidewinder X1 Waggster Mod BLTouch with improved Fan Duct

Sidewinder X1 Waggster Mod BLTouch improved Fan Duct

The Sidewinder X1 has a basic fan duct that works well, but the cooling is done only from one side. I wanted to improve this and because i am using a BLTouch with the Waggster Mod, there were limited options i could choose. So, the improved Fan Duct...

Artillery EVNOVO Sidewinder X1 Review

Artillery Sidewinder X1 Review

Artillery 3D (recently renamed in EVNOVO) is a Shenzhen company founded in October 2018 and it’s main focus is producing quality 3D Printers. One of the most popular printers made by EVNOVO is the Sidewinder X1.Today, we will review the Sidewinder X1 and test it’s functionality. Packaging The...

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