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The Mosquito Hotend 0

The Mosquito Hotend – best hotend money can buy ?

What is The Mosquito Hotend? In a 3D printing world where the majority of the hotends consist of E3D V6 variants, the Mosquito Hotend is a breath of fresh air. The Mosquito Hotend was designed by Slice Engineering to be to be an upgrade over the regular hotends....

All-Metal BMG Direct Drive Extruder – My New Favorite 0

All-Metal BMG Direct Drive Extruder – My New Favorite

Browsing on AliExpress, this new All-Metal BMG extruder caught my eye. So i ordered one and here’s my thoughts for it. The Good All-Metal construction makes it great for Direct Drive applications. High Quality finish made from aluminium acts like a heatsink. It’s really compact compared to the...


High-Speed Printing with Fiberlogy Easy-PETG

I like to test any printing material i can get my hands on. And i managed to get my hands on some blue Easy-PETG from Fiberlogy. Aroud the same time, i bought yet another printer (the Creality Ender 3) in order to test Klipper with it. So this...