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Dragon Hotend vs Copperhead V6 Temperature Performance

Dragon Hotend vs Copperhead V6 – Temperature Performance

A lot of people asked me how does the Dragon Hotend compare with the Copperhead V6 setup I tested in the Copperhead heat break review. So I tested the Dragon Hotend again, and this time I measured the temperature in the heat break. Dragon Hotend setup My Dragon...


Copperhead Heat Break Review – Temperature Performance Test

I purchased the Copperhead heat break from Slice Engineering as soon as it was available. I was really interested to see how it compares to the bi-metal heat break clone I tested previously.Today I received the Slice heat break and I started testing. Copperhead Heat Break vs Bi-Metal...

Bi-Metal Heat Break - Trianglelab bi-metal

Bi-Metal Heat Break Review – No More Clogs!

In the 3D printing world, heat break designs have gone trough a lot of changes. From the plain threaded tube in the past we reached the bi-metal heat break. This is a new design which improves thermal performance, and allows the use of lowered powered fans for less...