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ENERGETIC Double Sided PEI Sheet Review

ENERGETIC Double-Sided PEI Sheet Review

I ordered an Energetic double-sided PEI sheet from AliExpress a few weeks ago which includes a textured PEI top and a smooth PEI bottom. After printing more than 600 face shield frames, my old Energetic PEI sheet has seen some damage, so it was time for a replacement....

Textured PEI Sheet from Trianglelabs

Textured PEI Sheet from Trianglelab

A flexible textured PEI sheet is one of the best upgrades you can buy for your printer. There are a lot of versions you can buy including smooth PEI sheet and textured PEI sheet available in a multitude of sizes and forms.Today, i will tell you about my...

Textured Key Holder

Textured Key Holder

I just got a new Textured PEI Sheet from Trianglelabs and i wanted to do a print that shows the nice texture you get when printing on it. So, i downloaded the Key Holder remix from Thingiverse by ctrlrst. Here are the results: Textured Key Holder Printed in...

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