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Custom Screen Firmware for Sidewinder X1 and Genius

Custom Screen Firmware for Sidewinder X1 and Genius

I am working on a guide for upgrading the Artillery Sidewinder X1 and Artillery Genius to 32bit with the BIGTREETECH SKR 1.3 and TMC2208. Unfortunately, the stock screen firmware has issues communicating with the board. I was looking for a fix online, and stumbled upon delwinbest’s github repo...

Artillery Genius Review

Artillery Genius Review – Is it any good?

If you are active in the 3D printing community, you probably heard about Artillery. It’s a company that produces quality 3D printers for an affordable price.I previously reviewed the Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D printer, and i loved it. In this article i will review the little brother in...


Artillery Genius Firmware with Marlin

The Artillery Genius is awesome and the firmware it comes with is properly configured, but unfortunately it uses an older variant of the Marlin firmware and it lacks some features.It is recommended to upgrade the Artillery Genius Firmware to Marlin in order to get all the features...