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Sidewinder X1 Upgrades - Paid and Free

Artillery Sidewinder X1 Upgrades – Paid and Free

If you were looking for Sidewinder X1 upgrades to do on your printer, you’ve come to the right place.In this article, I will share my recommended Sidewinder X1 upgrades with some feedback. This should make the decision easier when thinking about what Sidewinder X1 upgrades you can do...

Artillery Genius Review

Artillery Genius Review – Is it any good?

If you are active in the 3D printing community, you probably heard about Artillery. It’s a company that produces quality 3D printers for an affordable price.I previously reviewed the Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D printer, and i loved it. In this article i will review the little brother in...

Artillery EVNOVO Sidewinder X1 Review

Artillery Sidewinder X1 Review

Artillery 3D (recently renamed in EVNOVO) is a Shenzhen company founded in October 2018 and it’s main focus is producing quality 3D Printers. One of the most popular printers made by EVNOVO is the Sidewinder X1.Today, we will review the Sidewinder X1 and test it’s functionality. Packaging The...