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Fix Heatbed Adhesion with Adhesive Coating

If you are reading this, then you probably have issues with printing on glass or a mirror surface and you need an adhesive coating. That’s not a problem because there are a lot of fixes. To improve the adhesion some use hair spray, others recommend using paper glue....


Printing a 3DBenchy with TPU filament

I always wanted to print with flexible filament, but i never got the chance to do it. That changes today. I managed to get my hands on some Devil Design Natural TPU filament, and of course, the first thing to print is a 3DBenchy. I used my PLA...


Playstation VR Stand on the CR-10s Pro

This is a Playstation VR Stand on the CR-10s Pro. Printed in Devil Design PETG with the following settings: 235c hotend temp 60c bed temp 0.2 mm layer size 60mm/s print speed If you want to print your own, head over to Thingiverse, and download the .STL file...